Subtly flavoured with orange peel and enhanced with natural orange flavours to give it that unique taste sensation that will lift your spirits.

Flavoured with pieces of raspberry and natural forest berry aromas. An exceptionally well balanced and deeply flavoured exquisite black tea.

We blend the leaves with mint to enhance the flavours and to ensure a lovely and refreshing note to your perfect cup of tea.

To give our tea an extra special taste, we add lemon peel to the green tea leaves to enrich the experience with a delicate hint of natural lemon flavours that creates a fresh and summery tea.

Our expert tea pluckers carefully select the best two leaves and the bud from the tip of the tea plant. That’s why our English breakfast tea has a soft flavour, unique to Tea Quiero. 

Our traditional Earl Grey is a truly extraordinary black tea. By blending this black tea with the natural citrus bergamot aroma, the real smooth and pure flavour of the Earl Grey comes to life.