Our expert tea pluckers carefully select the best two leaves and the bud from the tip of the tea plant. That is why our English breakfast tea has a soft flavour, unique to Tea Quiero.

Our green tea is carefully selected from the tea plantations of China, the biggest producer of high quality green teas found anywhere in the World. Tea Quiero green tea is carefully picked at an altitude of over 900 meters and is grown throughout the whole year. The healthy mountain air of the plantations ensures us that our tea is of the very highest quality and guarantees you a uniquely fresh and delicate flavor.

The tea pluckers carefully select the very best tea leaves, picking them all individually, by hand. To give our tea an extra special taste, we add lemon peel to the green tea leaves to enrich the experience with a delicate hint of natural lemon flavors, which creates a fresh and summery tea.