A full-bodied tea with a distinctive malty character and a hint of vanilla flavour and orange peel. Rooibos is a natural plant which grows in the South of Africa.

Well-balanced and deeply refreshing black tea from Sri Lanka. Flavoured with pieces of blackberry, raspberry and blueberries.

Let your inner beauty bloom with this radiant green tea balanced with the delightful notes of jasmine flavouring. This high quality tea comes from the central Province of Sri Lanka.

High quality tea from Sri Lanka which is both light and refreshing with the distinctive citrus flavour of bergamot. A classic.

An energising blend of green tea flavoured with lime and ginger, which will revive your energy. This high quality green has been grown and been harvested in the central Province of Sri Lanka.

A light refreshing and clean tasting tea subtly infused with lemon peel. Flavoured with one of our favourite citrus fruits for a clean and refreshing taste. This tea is a natural source of antioxidants.

This wonderful tea is made from dried camomile flowers. This natural tea with plenty of health benefits is known for its relaxing effect. Camomile herb tea is one of Europe’s favorite teas.

A lively blend of quality black tea from Sri Lanka, with punchy flavour. This organic black tea has a gentle, rich flavor that captures the true English experience.

In every sip of Tea Quiero’s Mint you will taste the pure essence of mint, this mint tea has no caffeine and we hope it will help you to have a delicious relaxing moment

A lovely mix of organic blue berries, rapsberries, elderberries and hibiscus. This drink will give you warmth and a bit of colour to your great day. We hope you love our fruit as much as we love to create it.

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Fairtrade certified product