The tea pluckers will only select the top two, most delicate leaves and the bud from each tea plant. That’s why our Tea Quiero English breakfast tea has a delicate flavour with a pleasingly gentle aroma.

The tea leaves that we select for this red fruit tea, can only be found on the high altitude tea fields of Sri Lanka. When we add small pieces of real fruit, the tea really comes to life, and you can savour a well balanced and refreshing drink, made with love.

Carefully selected dried camomile flowers are used to make this wonderful infusion. Camomile has long been known to have relaxing effect and have many health benefits

Tea Quiero Mint is an herbal tea also known as a tisane or infusion. We blend peppermint
and spearmint leaves to create a very fresh, cool flavour with a tingling finish.

This classic black tea from Sri Lanka was picked on the high altitude tea fields. When blended with delicious pieces of cinnamon you are assured of a full and warming flavour that’s full of character.

This wonderful tea is made from dried camomile flowers. This natural tea with plenty of health benefits is known for its relaxing effect. Camomile herb tea is one of Europe’s favorite teas.

Grown in the beautiful and mountainous Cederberg region in the Western Cape province of South Africa.  Subtly flavoured with orange and vanilla to give it that unique taste  sensation that will lift your spirits.

The Chinese province of Yunnan enjoys a tropical climate; perfect conditions to grow Pu-erh tea. After picking the tea leaves it takes a few months to mature and release their intense, earthy flavours and aromas.

Delicately selected and plucked by hand by our expert tea pluckers in the misty mountains above 900 meters. By steaming and rolling the leaves we create this beautiful Sencha green tea.